Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My "room-Mate" Resume' would be very short.
I've only shared a room with my sister,
a friend in the ladies dorm at Bible College,
An ex-husband, and my friend Sarah.
Sarah and I constantly relive the lives of the Bridget Jones characters,
Natasha & Perpetua.
"Perpetua, How's the house hunt going?"
I was rooming with Sarah in order to help her save some fun money and her helping me to purchase a condo.
We shared her large one bedroom apartment,
Me living in a loft bed while she slept d0own below, working shift work and being ships that passed in the night.
But it sparked a flood of memories that will never be forgotten,
Like putting together furniture at 3 am on a wednesday,
cooking each other dinner on our only evening home together,
Housekeeping ADD(While under the influence),
little visitors singing in the bathroom,
and psycho cat attacks.
I went to visit sarah....who has recently changed her name to Mrs. Hubert.
She has a new room-mate now.
It's so nice to see her so happpy.
Her house celebrates her new life, and her love felt for her new room-mate, Chad.
It was fun to look at all of her pictures and gifts....
she doesn't feel like she's had a chance to celebrate being married.
It was all a rush of bliss and tears, excitement and renewal...
but just to see her heart, so secure,
and making plans for the future,
was celebration in itself.
Congrats Sarah!
On your wedding,
on your finaincial planning,
on the hopes of your new career,
and on yuor new found happiness.
with the housekeeping set asside and the binging alarms in your car. the celebration lives on!
You are beautiful, Mrs. Hubert!
A toast to you.... mmmm
...that Tim Horton's coffee was good!!!