Monday, March 9, 2009

A clear View

A long time ago, I was given a sister.
With fire in her hair and big bright eyes.
It's funny how time goes by and suddenly you become an adult.
Things just aren't the same.
I watched my sister throw herself into the world
and then into the arms of men, which point she would dissappear.
Swallowed up by their worlds,
she no longer existed,
except through the presence of her significant other...
at the time.
Nothing was her anymore, none of her stories, or her actions, none of her feelings, or accomplishments.
But periodically I would here her voice crying out,
"We never go anywhere..."
"There is nothing to do here."
"All my money is being used elsewhere."
"I don't have any girlfriends"
I tried to tell her to take a do something for her. To go away for a year and invest in the women of her life instead of always men because someday she would get married.
I saw a print in a poster shop and I saw my sister in it.
I went home and painted my own version of her at the top of a hill,
overlooking all that life had set before her...
but she was too busy to notice,
all dressed up in a pretty gown,
which had become tattered due to her not paying attention herself.
The world sat before her but her vision had been clouded by being visible to only the male aspects of her world...her big bright eyes had grown dim.
She had become invisible
and thus missed out on the valley and hills of opportunity and experiences before her.
This painting, for me, immortalized my longing for her to look past the men in her life and see herself again.
To re-appear as my sister.
With fire in her hair and big bright eyes.